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Unforgiving Seas: Surfman History and Expertise at CoastEase

Updated: Jan 10

CoastEase is honored to have individuals embodying the remarkable capabilities of a Surfman—a USCG-certified boat captain and leader trained to excel in perilous environments, entrusted with executing daring search and rescue missions. This certification symbolizes unwavering dedication to safeguarding lives in the direst circumstances.

47' Motor Lifeboat in the Surf
47' Motor Lifeboat in the Surf - photo Dave Rogers

Imagine a 47' Motor Life Boat (MLB) slicing through tumultuous waves, under the confident command of a Surfman. This awe-inspiring scene epitomizes expertise honed through rigorous USCG small boat training. A Surfman's journey culminates in mastering heavy weather qualifications, adeptly navigating challenges like 50 knots of wind, 30-foot swells, and towering 20-foot surf. Beyond boat handling skills, a Surfman upholds composure under pressure and visionary foresight, ensuring crew and rescued lives' safety.

Jessica continued this legacy as Surfman #414, the sixth woman in USCG history to achieve this certification. This accomplishment is particularly significant considering the first women attained this honor in the 1980s. A group of fewer than 20 women achieving this feat showcases their resolve and capabilities.

Capt Jess on 47' MLB on the Columbia River

Jessica's maritime journey began on the Chesapeake Bay within a boating family that went exploring from Maine to Grenada on a sailboat. Joining the USCG as a Boatswains Mate, she orchestrated search and rescue missions at Station Jones Beach, Long Island. Her path led to the Columbia River, where she served for five years, mastering boat handling and also earning her 100-Ton Masters License.

At CoastEase, we embrace Jessica's legacy, fostering an environment where everyone, especially women, feels secure and self-assured on the water. We believe gender should not limit maritime pursuits.

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Delve into surfman's history through the comprehensive article, "Surfmen of the U.S. Life-Saving Service," tracing their roots to the U.S. Life-Saving Service.

Explore the Surfman Reister, a log of all who have earned the certification.

And congratulate the Newest female surfman at Suislaw River on the West Coast.

In essence, CoastEase proudly embraces the legacy of surfmen, driven by the belief that extraordinary feats propel us towards a future defined by inclusivity, prowess, and unyielding maritime excellence. The Surfman history enriches our captain business, ensuring safety and confidence on the water.

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