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Yacht Deliveries

Boat Delivery

We understand the importance of safe and reliable yacht deliveries. Our skilled and qualified team of captains and crew members possess extensive knowledge and expertise in navigating various types of vessels across different waterways. Whether it's a short coastal trip or a transoceanic voyage, we ensure the secure and efficient transportation of yachts to their intended destinations. We prioritize the safety of both the vessel and its crew, employing meticulous planning and adherence to international maritime standards. Yacht owners can trust CoastEase to handle their prized possessions with the utmost care and professionalism.

Deliveries are a team event and require a captain and crew to ensure the safe handling of the vessel. 


We offer several options for your delivery requirements.

  • Fully crewed yacht delivery with certified Captain and crew

  • Owner on board with certified Captain for transit support

  • Owner on board with certified Captain for training

  • Unmanned yacht delivery consultation

Each voyage is a custom itinerary with costs that include travel to the vessel's departure location, transit time for the vessel, and travel home for the team.

Most transits will be day-time only. If due to the nature of the itinerary we need overnight transits, additional crew members will be required.

The duration of the voyage is determined by the vessel's safe cruising speed provided by the owner.

See our FAQ page for more information.

*By requesting our services you are certifying the vessel is seaworthy, is currently state registered or federally certified, has all required safety gear and is capable of passing a federal or state inspection.

Contact us for a custom quote as each situation is different.

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